Wild Turkey Crew


John Hopen
Founder, Principal, Wild Turkey Recording
Est. 2013

Wild Turkey Recording was born out of the passion I have for music, musicians, and the creation of music. I spent my working career in the cockpit of an airplane. Before that I spent some time in Los Angeles in the mid ’80’s working with a production studio concept I came up with at the time. Basically it was designed to be a place where artists could come and record, then take the core tracks to the big main pro studio’s for final polishing. My studio was analogue. The biggest difference is that I had the recording capability of the then very cutting edge digital recording. Needless to say it was great in concept. It was a time of excess money and digital was considered blasphemous by most. I was committed to analogue and utilizing digital to capture analogue as close as I could so the audio differences would be imperceptible. It didn’t fly! It surely does now! After my aviation career, when I had set myself a nice retirement, I decided to resurrect the notion of production I had in the ’80’s. Hence Wild Turkey Recording was born. Missing is the analogue component, but digital has come so far, and is such a powerful tool if used respectfully, that we are committed to the analogue sound as best as we can utilizing the digital world. We have been operating now for a bit over 3 years working out the kinks and resurrecting our production “chops”. We are also in the process of developing a record Label for follow on support through Autumn Wind, who brings expertise from years in Los Angeles working with and promoting many well known bands and artists. It’s most exciting!
Wild Turkey is here to provide an avenue to people who cannot or would not be able to afford to produce a professional album. We find our artists through word of mouth or friends of friends. From start to finish the artist will record mostly original music. We will Produce, Co-Produce, Engineer, mix, and Master (any desired combination of involvement) an album followed by a debut record release event. We will help with social media elements and music distribution avenues. If the Artist likes the process and would like to continue with us then we’ll discuss becoming part of our new record label. In any case, we are committed to a non pressure environment without the pressures of A&R people and record label people checking in on their “investments”. We are about having fun and creating the best possible end product we can for the pure love of the process and music itself.
The studio itself is anchored by full PreSonus 32 track recording equipment. A live room wired into a patch bay based control room supplies instant signal chains. A classic Gretsch Rock kit is set and mic’d for optimum performance. There are numerous classic hollow body, semi hollow, and solid body guitars available to the artist. Several Bass guitar are also in studio and available. All care has been taken during construction and setup to provide a sonically pleasing, versatile environment.
The team itself is made up of me, Patrick Ballard, and Autumn Wind. Together we embrace the Wild Turkey way of doing things and are committed to a production experience, pre through post, and possibly promotionally, that promises to be a journey based on only the positive things that music production has to offer. This was my dream 30 years ago. It’s time is now!


Autumn Wind
Director of Marketing and Promotions


Patrick Ballard
Recording Engineer