Excuses for Skipping



Hello Everyone,
It has been ages since we have been in touch!! We have missed you all! We have especially missed performing together, sharing the sweat and laughs with you at the Bay Area’s finest dive bars. We are very antsy to get back out there- but we are also excited to be able to share with you a glimpse of what we have been working on! The beloved San Francisco record label Tricycle Records is putting out a compilation of the newest sounds of the Bay Area and we are so proud to be a part of it! It will be released as a free download only (no streaming this time) and we will send along the info on Friday so look for it in your inbox. Our song is called Light Years Away. Other bands on the comp include Rich Girls, Perhapsy, GES, Everyone Is Dirty, Great Apes, Trash Vampires, C.J. Alegre, Travis Haye, Film School, The Union Trade, Meet Me In Orbit, N. Lannon, Good Help, Kitten Grenade, and Mad Denizen. So many great bands!

About the new album: ESCAPE FROM EARTH
Many of you may know that we were on hiatus for three years when Tammy moved to Michigan. She returned last year and we immediately went into the recording studio to jam with no material and no plan, except to play without stopping and without talking. Upon the first few notes, we all felt the magic that is EFS and immediately after our first jam, we ran into the control room like- Did you get that?? Please say you recorded all that? Thankfully he did! We continued on for a few more hours and what we played that day felt so organic and so right that we decided not to go back and perfect them into songs but to actually use those jams and sing the vocals on top of them. What we have now is a rock opera with 14 songs and over an hour of music telling the story of Escape From Earth. It is a literal and metaphorical story of the transformation of consciousness. What you will hear is fresh spark of energy that comes from the creative moment when a song is born! We still have more to do in the studio and expect to release the full album ON VINYL courtesy of Wild Turkey Recording, in 2017. Finally VINYL for efs. YAY!

We have been so privileged to work with John Hopen and Patrick Ballard in a beautiful studio surrounded by redwoods in Occidental California. What an amazing experience to be able to write and record music in such a gorgeous setting and with people who truly understand our sound and vision. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to work with these creative geniuses!

See you soon!